About Dr. Jing Chen

Born in the Shangdong Province in Northern China, Dr. Chen began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1969 when he started working as an intern in various hospitals. He then graduated from the Shandong University of Chinese Medicine in 1976.

Working as a Doctor of TCM until 1985, Dr Chen became the Director of Orthopedics at Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Jinan, China. He treated patients while teaching interns and other doctors his specialized style of manipulation therapy.

In 1989 Dr. Chen began practicing and teaching acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the University of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in Southern California. Currently he is the Director of the American AAA Health Care Center in Monterey Park, California.

With over 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jing Chen is a renowned practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He specializes in using the body’s natural energy to restore his patients back to optimal health. Dr. Chen treatments includes a combination  of organic Chinese medicinal herbs along with acupuncture therapy.

In 1982 Dr. Chen published a medical book called Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points, which focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Taking over six years to complete, this book exemplifies Dr Chen’s expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This classical textbook on Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture has won the China National No.1 Award. Since it was first published, the Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points has now been translated into over 20 different languages.