Acupuncture Services

Dr. Chen has developed a specialized acupuncture needling method for treatment of both immediate and chronic pain for tennis elbow, the back, neck, shoulders, and other ailments.

1 hr and 30 min Dislocation and Acupuncture


45 Minute Electrical Acupuncture


45 min Acupuncture Service – PPO Insurance is accepted

Chen-Style Manipulation


Based upon his extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement, Dr. Chen has created a special joint manipulation technique using the subtle energy derived from T’ai Chi. Dr. Chen is able to treat all types of joint pain and injuries, including dislocated bones and disc herniation in the neck and lower back.

Pulse Diagnosis

This ancient technique reveals underlying imbalances and specific working of the internal organs in the body as a whole. By feeling the pulse Dr. Chen can accurately diagnose almost any medical problem.

Chinese Herbs 

Herbal remedies are the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They help restore balance while enhancing one’s health. Chinese herbs are often successful for many diseases that are difficult to treat effectively with orthodox western medicine.