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      I am getting treatment vericose veins . The treatment has reduce my veriscose veins. I am receiving treatment for anxiety and depression. My treatments is going good! I am also loosing weight and my skin is  tightening. I lost 4 inches less than one month i am excited ABOUT my treatment with dr Jing Chen. Very professional dr.THE BEST WITHOUT MEDICATION.  I LOVE MY TREATMENT!!

    thumb Emma R.

      It is truly amazing that my first good sleep came after my case of continuous severe itching and rashes, coming day after day for a duration of 14 weeks. I was deeply exhausted and depressed in such helpless situation with many scars all over my body from scratching. This kept happening until I met Dr. Jing Chen with his only one time special Acupuncture. I visited several famous allergy doctors around California, did a lot of tests, tried all the medications, including hormone, also tried several traditional Chinese medicines, including Acupuncture. My itching was still there with side effects of medication.
    I am an OBGYN doctor and very impressed by Dr. Jing Chen's exquisite skills, also his broad and profound knowledge. It amazed me that he had cured me in such little time when I was in serious desperation. I deeply feel that traditional Chinese medicine is so powerful!
    I strongly recommend you to visit this truly high class doctor!!! Greatly appreciate his treatment!!!

    thumb Grace Y.

      I have seen Dr Chen for my back and neck pain.  Treatment is A+++++. Doctor has over 40 years experience and really knows acupuncture.  I feel blessed to get acupuncture from the best natural doctor.  Dr Chen very knowledgeable about herbs too.  I always feel much better after treatment and so will you.

    thumb Mehtab B.

      Dr Chen Jing is a great accupuncturiat. All natural healing. Tiny painless needles. Many different treatments. Do not take any more pills. It destroys your body. He helps with Diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, immune system, weight loss, vertigo, migraines, circulation, stomach issues, allergies, injuries, pnuemonia, painful varicose veins, respitort issues, the flu , wounds etc. you name he will help.

    thumb DoggieStylez ..

      Dr. Jing Chen is excellent. I wanted to lose weight fast so I went to walgreens and bought two different weight loss supplements. One was green tea fat burner. I lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks. That was the good part. But, then I crashed and was dizzy all the time. I could not exercise or even drive anymore. Those pills hurt my kidneys and were poison. I went to Dr Chen for help and he did an excellent job. He used acupuncture and herbs for 2 weeks. The dizziness is gone. Very grateful! Thank you Dr. Chen

    If you want to lose weight do it with natural herbs and acupuncture with a  doctor like Dr Chen. Do not take these drugs they sell in stores. Robert

    thumb Rob C.

      I really liked it here because he paid attention to questions and concerns. I had major cramps for 1 week straight he told me electro-acupuncture will take the pain away immediately. 1 HR after treatment all
    my cramps and bloating went away!

    thumb Armara L.

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I struggled with a pinched nerve in my shoulder for a year. Dr. Chen had me pain free and back in golf course in three months

— Bulie Moore. Retired UCLA Coach


When all else fails, I go to Dr. Chen. From bladder infections to back pain, he has been a Godsend to me. I trust him completely.

— Matha Frazier. Senior Citizen


I have had a chronic backache and had difficulty in sleeping. Your wonderful treatment stopped my backaches and I am able to sleep without problems. Thank you very much for your help.

— Julie Sa. Fullerton Council Member


Dr. Chen’s treatment helps the body and the spirit, an essential combination for healing.

— Professor Betty Bernhard of Pomona College


Dr. Chen helped me to recuperate from a serious herniated disc and heart problems! I believe Dr Chen’s treatment to help high blood pressure, migraine, cancer, prostate, asthma and most other ailments, too.

— Al Angelo. School Teacher


I came to see Dr. Chen through the insistence of a friend who had excellent results with a neck problem. I suffer from sciatic pain on both sides and also plantar faceitica (severe pain on my feet). Kaiser doctors give me pain pills. After four treatments, which included Tai Chi manipulation and acupuncture all pain has minimized. I am continuing my treatments. Dr. Chen not only heals you physically; his humor and worry-less consultation are uplifting. I no longer need pain medication.

— Ruth Soldana


My lower back was so painful on my right side that I had to use pillows to gain some comfort so I could fall asleep. After 4 treatments of Chinese manipulation, acupuncture treatment and herbs my back is 90% better. I feel no pain just slight discomfort if I move to quickly or bend in an unnatural position. I also came for stress and now I’m much more relaxed and able to deal with my daily schedule.

— Elena Precher